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Congratulations to these scouts that have earned their Eagle:

Date Name
July 2008 Christopher Boldt
April 2008 Christopher Doelling
August 2007 Collum Magee
March 2007 Peter McCall
February 2007 Zac Boesch
January 2007 Bryan Acree
December 2006 David Corwin, Jr.
August 2005 Mark Acree, Jr.
January 2005 Andy McCall
March 2004 Alexander Brescia
November 2003 Kevin Wolf
September 2003 Matt Conner
August 2002 Benjamin C. Famous
July 2002 Jonathan R. Palisch
June 2001 Eric M. Shelvy
September 2000 James D. Boresi
September 2000 Jeffrey P. Lane
June 2000 Alexander R. Bottini
May 2000 James P. Embree
February 2000 Christopher R. Burke
February 2000 William L. Bishop
October 1999 Paul V. Embree
September 1999 Timothy G. Wolf
February 1999 Nicolas F. Brescia
December 1995 Jeffrey A. Wolf
August 1995 Zachary S. Merten
June 1994 Kevin J. Weiss
June 1993 Andrew W. Hahn
July 1992 Timothy P. Conlon
July 1990 John M. Borgmeyer
May 1990 David F. Buergler
April 1990 James W. Weber, Jr.
September 1987 Gregory R. Taube
May 1987 David Borgmeyer
August 1986 Paul A. Kwiatkowski
January 1986 Christopher F. Borgmeyer
August 1985 Jason A. Mehringer
September 1982 Robert M. Cradock
September 1982 Patrick McCormack
September 1982 Christopher T. Bub
March 1982 John S. Lampe
October 1980 Robert C. Boggiano
September 1980 William C. Karduck
August 1980 William J. Blanke
June 1980 David P. Bub
March 1977 Michael E. Bub
September 1975 J. Michael Blanke
December 1973 James D. Ratchford
December 1973 Michael Orr
December 1973 Kenneth Orr
December 1973 Kenneth Krobath
December 1973 Keith W. Krobath
August 1973 Leo J. Bub
October 1972 John T. O'Hallaron
October 1972 James T. O'Hallaron
June 1972 William T. Norfleet
December 1969 James G. Richeson
June 1969 Dan K. O'Hallaron
June 1968 Kerry O'Hallaron
December 1966 John W. Gerdelman
March 1966 Thomas B. Cox
November 1964 Michael R. Evans
July 1964 Gerald M. Brother
January 1963 James S. Reid
September 1961 Steven A. Cox
June 1961 James E. Steiner
November 1960 Joseph D. Brother
July 1959 Michael O'Hallaron
July 1959 William C. Julyan
September 1958 Douglas K. Hyer
September 1958 Bruce A. Cox
May 1958 Robert R. Brischetto
March 1958 James S. Norfleet
December 1957 Kim LeClair
December 1957 Harold Grams, Jr.
December 1957 George F. Fague
December 1957 Dallas W. Cox, Jr.
November 1956 Harvey B. Cox II


Congratulations to these scouts that have earned Palms:

Date Name Palms Awarded
November 2002 Benjamin C. Famous Bronze Palm
September 2001 James P. Embree Gold Palm
May 2001 James D. Boresi Bronze Palm
January 2001 Paul V. Embree Gold Palm
September 2000 James P. Embree Bronze Palm
April 2000 Paul V. Embree Bronze Palm