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Boy Scout Troop 335 of MQP expect the Scouts to live out the Scout Oath and Scout Law in their everyday life.  The troop committee asks each scout and their parents to read the "Code of Conduct" document below, print it off, and deliver it signed to the Scoutmaster each year as your acceptance of the "Code".  

Scout's Code of Conduct  Conduct


The "Participation Rules" outline the rules pertaining to meetings and outing participation.  The "Participation Rules" will govern the eligibility of a scout for attendance to Summer Camp and Rank Advancement.  It is very important that each scout understands his role as an active member of a Scout Troop.  

Participation Rules  Participation


The "Web Page Release Form" is used to obtain the permission of the scout's parents to allow for the publication of the scouts name (Firstname and initial of Last Name) and their picture on the Troop's Web Site.  Names will appear as "Bill S." for Bill Smith as an example.

Web Page Release Form  Web Release


The "QuarterMaster Request Form" is used by the patrols to request specific equipment on outings.  

QuarterMaster Request Form  QuarterMaster


The "Grocery List & Meal Planner" is used by the patrols to plan out the meals for an upcoming outing and develop a detail grocery list to purchase the necessary items to prepare their meals.  

Grocery List & Meal Planner  Grocery List


The "Scout Information Form" should be filled out and returned to the Advancement Chairperson.  This information is used to populate the TroopMaster Software package to aid in tracking the scouts in our troop. 

Scout Information Form  Scout Info


The "Adult Information Form" is a similar to the Scout Form and should be filled out and returned to the Advancement Chairperson.  

Adult Information Form  Adult Info